Ask The Financial Doctor with Chuck Price

The New Tax Law: Control the Controllables

The new tax bill has been on the front pages of the papers, and in the front of everyone's minds for weeks now. We've had several different conversations with people about what changes are included and how it can affect them, but there is a one single financial planning rule of thumb that comes to mind in each of these conversations. [...]

20th Anniversary of the Roth IRA

This January marks the 20th anniversary of the Roth IRA. First made available to American investors in January of 1998, a Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that is funded with after-tax dollars and provides tax-free growth and income for retirement. In honor of this significant milestone, Chuck Price, President of Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc. is spreading the word about the benefits of this retirement savings vehicle. [...]

Battling the Top Four Retirement Foes

We spend the majority of our careers in the accumulation phase of our retirement planning. We work to contribute to accounts, save what we can, find the most growth with the least risk. There is a lot of effort that goes into, well, what goes into your retirement account, and we tend to put a lot of focus on squirreling away our acorns throughout our career. But just like any hidden treasure, it's only as valuable as your ability to find it, unbury it, and utilize it. This is what we consider the distribution phase of your planning, or what we call to be your income plan. [...]

How to Keep More Of What You Make

I remember reading an article about healthy weight loss. Well, I remember reading about a hundred different articles about healthy weight loss, each with their own strategy, philosophy, and "fool proof" tactic for success, but this one article in particular really stuck with me. It said there is only one rule to successful weight loss, and that is to burn more calories than you put in. I remember reading that article and thinking that financial planning is the same way. [...]

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