Ask The Financial Doctor with Chuck Price

What Are Your Best 401(k) Moves?

Many of us focus on our 401(k) as a major source of retirement funds throughout our careers. We calculate employer matches, we watch some of our paychecks funnel into each month, we follow all of the best practice advice for building up our 401(k) nest egg as best we can. But, once you've built that nest egg, and retirement comes knocking, what exactly should you be doing with that 401(k)? What's the best move to make? [...]

Understanding Your Employee Benefits Program

When many of us think about what our job provides, we immediately think of a salary. It's the most obvious form of compensation. It's a number that is added to our bank accounts each month. It's easy to add up, and easy to compare to other jobs, people, and opportunities. But, it is only one small part of your employment benefits. The political climate in the past decade has placed a spotlight on health insurance, and costs associated with it. [...]

Potential Tax Bills and Your Strategy for the Cost of College

Both the House and the Senate are introducing bills that will affect the financial future of a significant number of Americans. These bills may benefit some people, and they may also be harmful to others, depending on how they are finalized and which version of them (if any) passes. The one guarantee is that the government wants and needs money, it's just a matter of who will be paying them, and how. [...]

Investing Tips For Those That Do Not Have Much

To a vast majority of Americans, being able to focus on saving for retirement is a luxury they can't afford. In a recent CareerBuilder report, 78% percent of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75% in 2016. This means that for many Americans the nest egg is very small, and possibly not worth engaging with a financial advisor. It's important though, for that 78% to still commit to saving what they can, and making the correct investment decisions with what they are able to save. [...]

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