Ask The Financial Doctor with Chuck Price

2018 Financial Fitness Test

As we hit our stride in the new year, we often find ourselves looking for ways to ensure we find success in 2018. We look at budgets, plans, goals, opportunities, and try to put ourselves in the best position for the year ahead. We all know that in order to plan where we are going, we first have to take stock in where we've been. [...]

Is Your Financial Plan Ready For Anything?

There has been endless speculation, especially of late, on what is happening in the markets. Anyone who tells you that they know for certain what the future holds, is, well, a fool. That's not to say that there aren't indications, historical patterns, risk triggers that can tip us off on possibilities moving forward, but all in all, we are all along for something of a ride. [...]

All Financial Advice Is Not Created Equal

Making the step to set an appointment with a financial advisor is a big move for most people. It's a move that I encourage, especially as people work their way through their career and towards retirement. Unfortunately, many of these same people believe that there is one clear answer for their financials, and that the right advice for them can come from anyone. Just as with any profession, there are different styles, philosophies and qualities of financial advice. [...]

Your Financial Scorecard

We all like to be successful. Whether it’s with exercise goals, winning at a card game, or getting a promotion a work. We like to be able to see proof that we are doing well. That makes financial planning difficult for many people. [...]

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