Hello Listeners, visitors, and Clients:

Here at Investing Simplified®, we’re working hard on a new project called, “Investing Simplified®: After Hours”, where we offer focussed, shorter-format podcasts than our flagship hour long weekend radio show. We have so much in store that an hour will not suffice. With that dilemma in mind, we’ve been working through some ideas. Nothing made more sense than a separate internet-only podcast that you can access easy, freely, and benefit equally from. We’ll continue to build up “Investing Simplified®: After Hours” and we expect to add features like, the ability to call-in or interviews, but at a later time. This exciting, new project features Chuck Price, as you know from the Investing Simplified® radio program and Price Financial Group Wealth Management. Each week, he will discuss different, interesting topics, top solutions, and simplify investing.

Listen to the new podcast, here: https://investingsimplified.transistor.fm/ 

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