Working with Portland Investors for over 45 years

Chuck Price, CRFA, CSA, understands the potentially serious consequences of biased advice, especially from an advisor.  That is why he founded Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor firm to legally and ethically act in a fiduciary capacity providing unbiased financial advice. In fact, he’s been dedicated to this goal since 1970.

The financial environment is an ever-changing place, and Chuck knows that his clients depend on him to stay educated and informed on the best possible strategies for them. Because of this Chuck has earned several certifications, including CSA, CRFA, and FPA, and belongs to several National Elite Advisor Groups, such as the HS Advisor Network. He also maintains his commitment to honest and upfront business practices with his membership with the National Ethics Association.

Chuck prefers to think of himself as a financial advocate, because he acts on the behalf of his clients and proudly champions his cause. Through his company, a radio program, speaking events, and books, Chuck is leading the fight against unethical investors and national regulations and policies that keep people in the dark about the reality of their investments.

Chuck is the author of the book “Investing Simplified” which is available on (click here) and his latest book “YOUR Retirement Made Simple was a #1 Best Seller in 2018.  Chuck is the host of the Longest running Live Talk Financial Show in America with a Financial Advisor, CPA and Estate Planning Attorney called Investing Simplified® and can be heard every Saturday at 8am on Freedom970 or listen LIVE on the web at Replays of the live program can be found every Sunday at 1pm on 1190 KEX or anytime on the radio show archive.

Chuck has been doing Estate Planning since 1970 and Investing and Retirement Planning since 1975. If you are headed into or already in retirement, but are concerned that you aren’t getting the most out of your money, Price Financial Group Wealth Management invites you to have a conversation. After all, what you don’t know can hurt you. Contact Chuck and his team to find out what it means to make Investing Simplified®.   Call us at 503.253.3000

Chuck Price, CRFA, CSA

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