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President & Financial Planner
Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc.

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Robert “Bo” Caldwell, CFP®ChFC®AAMS® works hard with his clients to make sure they can maximize their financial potential.  Experience has taught him that no two situations are exactly the same, and he prides himself on being able to tailor individually built road-maps for each family, by bridging the gap between where his clients are today, and where they want to go.

That is why he joined Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor firm, so that he could act in a fiduciary capacity, legally and ethically providing unbiased advice to each-and-every client.

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“Bo prides himself on his ability to build individually tailored road-maps for each family, bridging the gap between where you are today and where you want to go.”

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Bo is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), as well as a CHARTERED FINANCIAL CONSULTANT™ (ChFC®), and ACCREDITED ASSET MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST™ (AAMS®).  The knowledge and training that comes with earning these designations has helped him become the go-to financial resource for his clients no matter the situation.

Bo is the co-host of the Longest running Live Talk Financial Show in America with a Financial Advisor, CPA and Estate Planning Attorney called Investing Simplified® and can be heard in Portland every Saturday at 8am on Freedom970 and KPAM860 or listen LIVE on the web at InvestingSimplifiedRadio.com. Replays of the live program can be found every Sunday at 1pm on 1190 KEX in Portland, or anytime on the radio show archive.

  • Investment Services
  • 401k to Roth Conversions
  • Retirement Strategy
  • Fixed Income Annuities

Bo enjoys family time, hacking his way around the golf course, a cold IPA and a good steak.

Bo is a fourth-generation Portlander but left to study Marketing and Finance at the University of Oregon and California State University Dominguez Hills earning his business degree, before moving home to build his practice. 

Bo lives in SW Portland with his wife Megan and his three children: Connor, Cameron and Charley.  When he’s not in the office, he enjoys family time, hacking his way around the golf course, a cold IPA and a good steak.

PFGWM Inc. has been doing Estate Planning since 1970 and Investing and Retirement Planning since 1975. If you are headed into or already in retirement, but are concerned that you aren’t getting the most out of your money, Price Financial Group Wealth Management invites you to have a conversation. After all, what you don’t know can hurt you. Contact Bo and his team to find out what it means to make Investing Simplified®.

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